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Staff at the Department of Public Instruction's Division for Libraries and Technology (DLT) welcome you to our Webpage. We are here to serve the life-long learning and information needs of all Wisconsin citizens from preschoolers to senior citizens.

Listed on the left are some key programs of the division. Division teams and service areas are listed below. We look forward to serving you. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Kurt Kiefer,
Assistant State Superintendent
Division for Libraries and Technology
Telephone: (608) 266-2205
Email: kurt.kiefer@dpi.wi.gov

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The Application Development Team provides centralized professional automated information system planning, development, and implementation; empower department staff to query, report, and analyze department data; and ensure effective use of technology.The Application Development Team provides centralized professional automated information system planning, development, and implementation; empower department staff to query, report, and analyze department data; and ensure effective use of technology.


Our IT projects utilize an agile development framework known as Scrum that increases collaboration with our customers.  Scrum is a simple yet incredibly powerful set of principles and practices that help teams deliver products in short cycles, enabling fast feedback, continual improvement, and rapid adaptation to change.  For more in depth descriptions and examples of Scrum go to the Scrum Alliance website at www.scrumalliance.org.


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Our mission is to facilitate the secure collection of accurate information about schools, public libraries, students and education in Wisconsin. DPI uses online data applications to gather limited and timely data from public school districts, private schools, and non-district charter schools to meet the reporting requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

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The overarching goal of the Data Warehouse and Decision Support Team is to provide tools to facilitate data-driven decision-making for school and district improvement and to assist educators looking to better understand and improve educational outcomes for Wisconsin students.  The Data Warehouse and Decision Support team is charged with building, maintaining, and providing user support around the Wisconsin Information System for Education (WISE), a cutting edge decision support environment for internal staff, education practitioners, and the public at large.  The team also supports any mandatory federal or state reporting requirements.  Leveraging the unique philosophy of data warehouse concepts and technologies, the focus is placed on data integration and easy-to-use interfaces for data analysis.  Metadata development and data stewardship programs are crucial to the team's success in achieving these goals.

arrow right Instructional Media and Technology Services Team

The Instructional Media and Technology Team provides leadership, service, and advocacy for equitable access to and effective use of information, resources, and instructional technology in Wisconsin PK-12 schools to ensure successful lifelong learning.

The Technical Services Team provides local and wide area network technology and technical support to all DPI staff in a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly manner that supports DPI's mission to provide efficient and equitable services to all schools and libraries in the State of Wisconsin. Technical Services is comprised of the internal Help Desk and the Information Systems, Security, and Infrastructure (ISSI) teams.

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The Public Library Development Team provides leadership, advocacy, expert assistance, planning, coordination, and funding for the improvement of library systems and public libraries so that Wisconsin residents will have convenient and equitable access to knowledge and information resources.

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The Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning Team (RL&LL) engages in statewide planning, coordination, and provision of services to assure that Wisconsin residents have equitable access to the collective knowledge and information resources in the state's libraries.

  • BadgerLink is a project of the division to provide increased access to information resources for Wisconsin residents in cooperation with the state's libraries. It includes links to the full-text of over 5,000 periodicals and other information resources.
  • WISCAT is a resource sharing tool that can be used by Wisconsin libraries of all types and sizes to locate materials for interlibrary loan, as well as a cost effective method by which libraries can convert their collections to the MARC bibliographic standard for use as the basis of local automation projects.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Roslyn Wise
WI DPI, Division for Libraries and Technology
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For questions about this information, contact Roslyn Wise (608) 266-6439